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Advanced Features about WhatsApp

According to today’s business, one of the leading business magazines in India, the following features updated. It is currently unknown, whether this applies to both iOS and Android.

Dark Mode

The dark mode has two benefits for the user: it is good for the eyes, especially in the evening and at night, and it is energy-saving for the device.

WhatsApp users have long been waiting for dark mode. But now, we can have justified hopes.

QR Co0de

WhatsApp wants to make it easier for users to add new contacts. One step instead of several. That’s why each user gets their own QR code with the update, which can be scanned by others to add them to their own phone contacts.

Touch ID for Android

WhatsApp increases the security standard for the user by offering the fingerprint identification for Android.

Sort contacts by a number of interactions

The new feature will automatically sort your contacts according to the frequency of your interaction with them. Contacts with whom you have no exchange will slide down.

Function to share your status updates to other apps

Scroll down to see that at the end of June we have already talked about this topic: WhatsApp a sharing function for status updates to other apps.

No more sending pictures to the wrong contact

A new feature will ensure that no more images are accidentally sent to the wrong contact. In the new “WhatsApp Beta User” update, the recipient’s name is now also displayed while writing a caption. Even though some might consider this redundant because you already are in the personal chat, is it a still relevant update to further strengthen user officially be introduced in the app.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp


  • Broadcast messages
  • Share Location
  • Audio and Video Calling
  • Listen to Audio Messages Discreetly
  • Email chats
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Groups
  • Reduced Data Usage for Calls
  • Ads Free
  • Free of Cost
  • Availability
  • Starred Messages
  • GIF support
  • Good performance
  • Stories
  • Support for Siri


  • Missing face filters
  • No virtual Assistant
  • Self-destructing messages
  • WhatsApp calling Limitation
  • File size limit
  • No stickers
  • Contact Number Required
  • Cannot Unsend messages.


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