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Pros Of Wechat:

 The WeChat application allows more than 2,000 people in a group, which helps mostly for marketing. There are some features as the admin can mute all the participants in the group so that no one is allowed to send messages, can track whether the message read or not, and double tap on a message to add it to the to-do list.

  • Provides effective user management by dividing all the available internal contacts into different departments and authenticating with varying levels of permission
  • Wechat segregates the personal space from the workspace. It means that the Wechat application users are allowed to exchange work-related messages with the people they want, and the information not exposed to friends and family who doesn’t relate to work.
  • The features available in the business-related concept is that “take a break” or “get off work,” so by activating them, you don’t get any work-related messages.
  • Wechat supports many business operations as they can access in the workspace tab, it provides a list of reports, approvals of business expenses, employees in and out data, the company paid calls, emails of Wechat work
  • Wechat application helps to integrate Wechat official account and Wechat work platform. By doing this, customers are made available with chat with us feature to ask about the query about the products.

Cons Of Wechat Application:

The list of cons that are associated with the Wechat application are as given below

  • Wechat application not provided with an option of the video call or voice call as it is a replacement of SMS
  • All the files will download when sent as an attachment and there is no option to view the file without downloading
  • There is no possibility to send videos or music
  • The status regarding the user is online or offline is not shown
  • The WeChat application is mostly used by the Chinese, and even it’s hard to find friends as the problem is a language barrier


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