Wechat App

Wechat is a Chinese messaging application that can also use for mobile payment. This application released in 2011 and the Wechat application determined as an “app for everything and super app” as it consists of a huge set of features.

Wechat will access the data regarding registration data and log-in data to set up and log in to the user account on Wechat to notify about the changes that happen on Wechat, to provide user support and to provide communication. Wechat will also access user profile search data to provide quick access to the last searches. Wechat will access profile data that consists of profile name profile ID and photo to provide help and instructions to provide languages and location customization to develop existing servers. Wechat will access shared information to provide personalized help and instructions and to provide language and location customization, for developing new services and to improve the services of the existing one. Wechat will access the contact list to connect with other WeChat users by making use of the recommended friend’s feature.


Features Of Wechat:

The following are the list of features that are associated with the Wechat application.


WeChat provides text messaging hold to talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video calls, conference calls, photography, and video sharing, location sharing, contacts through Bluetooth. Wechat provides instant messaging methods as text messages, voice messages, walkie talkie, stickers, live pictures and videos, lucky money packages.

Official Accounts:

WeChat users can register as the official account, which allows us to push news feed to the subscribers and to interact with subscribers. There are three types of accounts available as a service account, subscription account, enterprise account.


The moment is a feature that allows users to post images, text, short videos, share articles, and music.

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