Telegram App

Technical Information Of Telegram Application:

The technical information of telegram application is as given below

Application name Telegram
Developers Telegram FZ LLC

Telegram messenger inc

Type of application Instant messaging
Industry type software
Released on 14 August 2013
Stable android version 5.15.0
Stable android wear OS 1.3.2
Stable Telegram X
Stable iOS 5.15.0
Stable Windows, linux, macOS 1.9.3
Stable Windows Microsoft store 1.8.15
Stable macOS 5.8
Stable Windows phone 3.4.0
Preview android version 5.12.0
Preview iOS version 5.12
Preview windows, macOS, linux 1.8.5
macOS 5.8
Developed by using of language C++
Supported platform Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows NT, macOS, Linux, web platform
Available in languages 14 languages


How To Install Telegram On Windows

The following is the procedure that need to be followed for installing telegram on windows platform. There are three ways to install the telegram application. The methods for installing the telegram application are: installing through telegram website, install through play store, install through bluestacks.

Installation of telegram application through website can be done by opening the link Instagram application.apps.docx then click on the login option that is made available in the page. After logging into the telegram application you will be displayed with the home option which consists of news feed.

Installing the telegram application through the Microsoft store can be done by opening the Microsoft store and then search for the telegram application in the search box as the results will be displayed by the store click the telegram application and tap on the get option to install the telegram application on your device.

Telegram application can be installed by using of bluestacks. Firstly to make use of telegram through bluestacks you need to install them on the desktop. The link that needs to be followed for installing and then download bluestacks to the device by tapping on the download option that is available. After downloading the application open the exe file then click on my apps tab which will be displayed with google play store. In the google play store search for the telegram application.

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