Fitbit Download

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Use: The setup quie straight forword. Immediately start viewing stats on your heart rate, stepos taken, quality of sleep and many more.
  • Easy Monitering: Fitbit shows your dat borning zones and the amount of energy used during the day. Users can messure their progress using chartrs and graphs.
  • Motivational Aspect: Fitbit wearables vibrate after reching milestones, subconsciously increasing motivation levels for achieving your goals.
  • Challenging: The fitbit community page encourages friends, family or even total strangers. Users can set challenges and compete against ewach other or alternatively help other reach their fitness goals.



  • Privacy Issue: Fitbit collects personal data and allows users too hose of this information can be made public or not. Some users are unaware of this fact and may have their personal activity information publicly displayed without their knowledge.

Inaccuracy Issues: Fitbit sometimes does not get accurate step data on activites like riding biukes, running on  a treadmill or pushing a heacy object.


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