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Accuweather is a private weather forecasting application that provides information about worldwide commercial weather. Accuweather is founded by Joel N.Myers, Pennsylvania state university graduate students in 1962. The name for the company is finalized in 1971. In 2006 Accuweather acquired weather data, in 2011 renamed Accuweather enterprise solutions. The weather information is provided to the users is derived from multiple resources as non-meteorological organizations as an environmental protection agency. Accuweather has appointed 500 employees, Accuweather has a weather channel known as The Local Accuweather Channel.

Accuweather provides information regarding weather forecasts, warnings and weather products and services with worldwide clients as there are 500 companies and thousands of businesses globally. There is the local AccuWeather channel which is similar to that of NBC weather plus. The local Accuweather channel is launched in 2005 which is on air nationwide. This network regards national and regional weather forecasts. The regular weather provider for Bloomberg television and numerous local TV stations.


Features Of AccuWeather:

The Accuweather application is available for iPhone, ipad, ipod touch in the app store. Accuweather is now made available for android applications. The following are the unique features that are provided by Accuweather

  1. AccUcast:

       This feature allows the users to provide information about the weather and we can also report information regarding hazard conditions as damaging winds, slippery roads, flooding. The information we provided will be available for 6 hours.

  1. MinuteCast:

            MinuteCast feature provides information about weather globally minute-by-minute by using the person’s exact street address or GPS location.

This tracking is combined with ground observations, high-resolution forecast models to generate minute by minute precipitation forecast for a specific location.

  1. AccuWeather RealFeel Temperatures:

             The real-feel temperature is located on the home screen of the application. The RealFeel temperature provides information based on different factors to provide the user with accurate weather details.

  1. AccuWeather’s Top Trending Video Content:

              The users can browse the top video content on AccuWeather there is no need to open a separate browser.

  1. Provides Accurate Forecast Of Weather:

                This features updates forecast in 23 languages which will be updated every hour and assists for 24 hours.

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